Big An' Beautiful, Baby!

(( An indie blog for a genderbent version of Wario! Named Waria, how creative. Nevertheless, if you wanna talk to her, go for it!

important note: the rper refuses to do anything in relation to adult themes (ie: sex, drugs, what have you). i'd like to keep this blog safe for work, and i have the right to flat out refuse to rp with you if you try and force anything on me or otherwise make me feel uncomfortable. now, you can do whatever you want on your blog; have all the r-rated sex you want if that's what you do; but keep it off mine, please.

Current status: normal, no magic anon changes or recent injuries/events.

pardon if there are inaccuracies when it comes to Wario Ware or Wario Land games, I've yet to play any, unfortunately. So all my info on these series are pulled off the Super Mario wiki. ))

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-Staring at a whole blog full of delicious, fat-filled foods-

"The things I do for my sister…"